Red Carpet Wedding

by My Roaring Twenties

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released December 1, 2011

Photo courtesy of Andy Klingenberger

Jack Frederick planted the seed and waterred the seed and picked the wheat and ground the wheat and made the flour and turned it to dough and baked the bread and now you can eat it.

He also played the guitar, tamborine, sampler, synthesizer, drums, accordion, and trombone. Then he recorded it and mixed it in Sunnyside, Queens.



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My Roaring Twenties New York, New York

Jack Frederick of Hook Moon and Black Elk Speaks.

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Track Name: What's More Is
You know it,
you know it's hard,
what would you like
in the place of
of living in your own life now? And
And all
all your liberties fell down to the ground
and Oh! how she's balancing! for you.
I can't say it any more.

You thought.
You thought "no way" that I was gonna buy
excuses always on your mind,
and how,
how can you say it? How can you say anything? What's more is
how worthless
this graciousness you're
saying to yourself.

And I know it.
I know it's more time than you would like,
but there is,
there's someone sitting in your old life now and
and a place where
you'd be afraid of all that you could find and
what's more is:
What's more is you will never be there.

(Why you don't ask me your problems.)
Track Name: Under My Skin
The door creaks now
I'm not your sanctuary, am I?
It's over today. It's like it was before.
Safety, where have you gone?
Why have you left me on my own?
I'm caught up in this clock that keeps on polishing a stone because I love you.
All time has stopped tonight.
When will it end?
Will it be tomorrow or will this hunchback of notre dame
finally given up on making me borrow his robes?
Enough. You act like you're so f**king tough, but
you know I'm your friend, so why don't you pack it in?

The floor creaks,
the door creaks,
it's 4am and I'm in love
with your shadow
imprisoned in my eyes.

And all, all the seasons, they're tied around your waist.
Infinite evolving patterns of reptilian lace.

And all, all directions you told me not to face.
And all these careful warnings that just go to waste.

And all! And all!

Don't try to be my friend.
You're just what's under my skin.
Track Name: Red Carpet Wedding
If we knew
other people
to hold onto
then would we know
how many others
we must let go?

So as I grow
I find the ones who
I'd like to know
And please
please forget
All of the pieces
that I have set

But when
the time it comes
your board is what I
am walking from

And she put her red dress on and she orbited the room
and she soon withdrew from the presence of the fumes
that were echoing from the mouths of everyone that she knew

And I'm not sure what we could disagree about
I feel you on the whole are on the up and up
But if you cannot meet me in the middle and concede
to give it all to me, then

Then will I
be forced to act a
way I don't like

For the sake of both of us
Don't make me feel I'm so dangerous

Because if you do I'm afraid I'll get carried away and I'll cause such a mess that the rest of the day I'll be tied to supply all that I cannot pay so please, don't leave it up to me

Twice a week
Marcus Aurelius
He comes to speak
We start out great
but he ends up boasting
about his slaves
and if
Ghengis Khan
He comes this evening
prepare to run
And don't allow
record collectors
to slow you down.

Because if they do, be afraid, they'll get carried away
and they'll cause such a mess that the rest of the day
they'll be tied to supply for what they cannot pay so please
leave it up to me.

In all her fairy tales
Red Carpet Wedding
to the prince of Wales
But then
white dress fatigue
it made her sullen
it made her weak.